104 definitions by ken

Attempt, endeavour,put forth effort.
"Trey as you meyt, you can't eat yoghurt with chopsticks."
by Ken November 14, 2003
supreme hoe bag. source: the skankalicious girl who went to East and was a hoe like WHOA
wow that girl wearing a g-string is a total Anubha
by ken December 23, 2004
One who has a fucking damn shitty small~~~~~~~ dick
Doctor: Damn Mr.X You Got A Damn Finger Cock!! OMFGROFLMAOWTFBBQSAUCE
by Ken March 01, 2005
of jewish decent, to be drunk as marie after many a shot
marie is totally schnockered
by ken January 30, 2005
It's another definition of metrosexual.
Is he gay or a fauxmo?
by Ken December 15, 2003
One who got a fucking small~~~ DICK + IS A FACHKING IDIOT IN DA HEAD
Hey Jo Dude, Ur Just A Finger DickHead Man

by Ken March 03, 2005
Paul Macoolies uncle.
There's Babatunde. Let's tell Paul.
by Ken March 09, 2005
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