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someone talking extremly low, at the point to were you cant here them at all.
Your dating a low talker.
by ken November 16, 2004
the highest level of a hot guy and he has and extremely large cock
that kid is a stolee
by ken November 03, 2004
One who is a whore.
Josephine is a dirty slag face
by Ken May 22, 2004
cleared area, road allowance
Park area for future developement
by ken April 25, 2004
Unfair treatment, injustice, "getting the shaft"
The contract was so much bonage we had to cancel it.
by Ken March 27, 2003

Acronym: DLI

A procedure for those who just cannot manage to gain weight. Often used by such famous stars as John Goodman to plump up for roles.

Side-effects: Massive weight gain, decreased sexual drive, increased awareness of mediocre coffee shops in the imediate vicinity.
I ate as many donuts and pies as possible, but I just can't put on the weight! I guess I'll have to go with a DLI or risk staying fit forever.
by Ken September 11, 2003
When Kenneths run fast and guide you to safety, otherwise known as chins
Holy shit Kenneth is one hell of a pers
by ken April 02, 2004

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