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a condom. it protects as per a helmet.
oh shit, i think the fuckhelmet broke.
by ken power January 10, 2008
a shitwafer is a slightly built shithead. this person is likely very weak physically, but has a big mouth that spews mostly bullshit. they are delicate and hollow.
is that little shitwafer giving me lip??
by ken power January 10, 2008
almond goggles occur when ones eyesockets are occluded by a pair of testicles
last night your wife saw god through almond goggles.
by ken power August 28, 2007
similar to a snowflake, but instead of water, it is made with frozen piss. occurs in far northern areas
no two pissflakes are exactly alike at the north pole.
by ken power January 10, 2008
when someone farts in your face leaving little brown circles resembling freckles
i was eating this chicks ass when she gave me the freckle speckle
by ken power August 28, 2007
an insect with 100 dicks
dude, you look like you just been assfucked by a giant dickopede.
by ken power August 28, 2007
someone who picks on the weak. to me a weak person is a turd. picking on them makes you a turdbruiser.
larry: dude, you can't hit that little turd!
dude: gee larry, why not?
larry: cause that'd make you a turdbruiser

by ken power January 10, 2008

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