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Christianity's big bad scapegoat/boogieman. Originally a Jewish demon-like character who tested you, but changed into the all-evil devil that Christians blame everything on. Allows for the dismissal of accountability.
OJ: "Satan made me do it!"
Pope: "You are forgiven."
by kelvin July 19, 2003
The only UK talk radio station and the only station that allows free speech.This includes reasonably articulate people with something constructive to say, to space cadets who bare their sad souls.The technical side us completely amateurish but that makes people like them more.Provides work in the form of voiceovers for the ex- chief constable on the bill with the deep voice.
Mike Dickin has just finiished reading the papers ...and he's not a happy chappy..etc.
by kelvin May 06, 2004
Insult directed at Tommy Boyd on ts.Boyd was furious and carpeted the caller.
murdoch puppet!
by kelvin May 06, 2004
an ancient prophesy involving a pink monkey with wings going round rockin harder than before and kickin evil spirits asses on Alex the Kidd in miracle world. also a pretty damn good name 4 a band i must say
"wow that acid fairy is good on a sega master system"
"no shit!, it only has 3 buttons and he doesnt have apposable thumbs!"
by kelvin April 28, 2004
A person that isn't complying with your needs or is being stupid or acting like a dumb ass.
That sucks you juu.
Don't be a juu.
by Kelvin December 31, 2004
used when u dont agree with somebody, but u cant b arsed arguing either.
-"alex the kidd would kick acid fairy's ass in a fight."

- "fair do's" (however really thinks wat a total fucknut)
by kelvin April 28, 2004
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