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a hypocritical class, usually introduced around 6th grade in which a police officer comes to your class and talks about drug use. "marijuana will KILL you!" "crack will KILL you!" at the end of the course you get a nice little (not little, mine was fuckin huge..its still down to my knees and i got it 2 years ago) T-shirt and theres usually a retarded graduation ceremony an who ever has the best essay gives a speech.

in my opnion, it doesnt work. i barely knew anything about drugs till that class and it only made me want to try drugs.
i went through dare, iv been smoking pot since

guy 1: how did you do on your dare essay?
guy 2: not well, i got a D..apparantly it didnt demot drug use..
by kelsey g January 09, 2008
said after an unknown word was uttered usually in an online conversation.
Jessi: crack slug!
Kelsey: huh?
Jessi: urban dic that shit!
by kelsey g January 13, 2008
the ocity of being amazing; amazingness

the noun version of amazing
tona is full of amazingocity

yes i did notice your icon's amazingocity
by kelsey g November 21, 2007
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