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a legendary music venue located in Berkeley, CA. it is non-profit, all-ages and maintained by volunteers. it was opened in 1987, and gave bands like green day and rancid a start. it is often refered to as just "The Gilman."
"Where are you going tonite?"
"I'm gonna go see Plan 9 at the Gilman."
by kelsey July 19, 2004
A way of telling some to go away.
Duck out man you're annoying me!
by kelsey March 12, 2005
always around, always present
Panties are an omnipresent issue.
by Kelsey June 19, 2003
the white version of fo shizzle my nizzle
do you wanna fuck in the backseat?
fo shizzle my wizzle!!
by Kelsey November 17, 2004
simular to spiffy and cool
by kelsey December 02, 2002
when u cuss but there are little virgin ears around u and u dont want them to think u r a bad person
o man i fell down the stairs. it hurt like the first time i fucked. o excuse my french
by kelsey September 29, 2003
Darien is a small town in Connecticut known for its population of preppy teenagers who insisit on popping their collars, wearing uggs boots with mini skirts and driving Jeep Grand Cherokees in various shades of blue. On weekends, Darieners often find themselves taking road trips to Portchester, NY or "pocho" because it is the only place that will really sell them beer. Then they go to lame house parties which are broken up by the police in less than hour because the entire police force has nothing better to do than break up teenage drinking parties; Darien doesn't haev real crime, only places like Stamford or Norwalk do. When they do travel to such "ghettoes" they listen to their rap music (50 cent) too loud and lock their car doors in fear of getting mugged. D-baggers, or Darieners are outrageously wealthy and every teenager's dream. They live a fantasy life in a bubble unlike anywhere else. Their waterfront property with the oversized SUVs in the driveway is home to them and even when they say they hate it, they love it, they eat it up and wish they could return whenever they leave. Darieners, despite their lacking sense of reality, have more pride than New Canaan and Greenwich combined (and more money too!)
The Darieners wore popped collars and Hadley Pollet belts to the game, knowing that all the hottest lax players would be ripping it up on the field that morning, despite their wicked hang overs from the house party the night before.
by Kelsey March 10, 2005

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