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A bit of a dick or a fanny if you like.
Some might say - a bit of a bawbag, or a gimp or just a plain old tosser.
That geezer is a fandan.
What a fandan
by Kelly Coyle December 03, 2003
As above, just a plain smart arse, and as Charlie says, nobody likes a smart arse!
Can be used as a question, to see if someone is heading for a severe doin'!
Coming wide?
Ya wee wideo
by Kelly Coyle December 05, 2003
to be extremely good at something.
Imagine a steaming turd and how hot it is! Comparing someone's ability with the hotness.
That Tiger Woods is shithot at golf!
by Kelly Coyle December 05, 2003
To tan something is to give it a good welly! Could be vandalism or violence.
Hey Maw, am goin oot tae tan some phone boxes! After which the phone box has been tanned.
by Kelly Coyle December 17, 2003
this one is hard to define. 90's scottish school word. If someone is a bit sad or just plain roasting! Very laughable. Nothing to do with heat I might add.
He or she is roastin'!
What a roaster!
Also see scadder or boiler.
by Kelly Coyle December 03, 2003
Really stinky. Can be applied to a person or a bad smell. AQlso adescriptive word
Woahhhhhhh! That's bowfin!
That shirt is bowfin.
Also see howfin
by Kelly Coyle December 05, 2003
A very good goal! A very spectacular bullet of a strike!
Stevie G hit an absolute arsehole winder past that baldy bastard Barthez! (as did John Arne Rise)
by Kelly Coyle December 08, 2003
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