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Any person, generally a female, who performs oral sex on a male and then sloshes the resulting sticky substance around the inside of their cheeks. After about 3 minutes of sloshing, the Dick Slosher has the option to either swallow or spit. If the jizz is spit out, the male is obligated to send the Dick Slosher back to the kitchen to make a bologna sandwich.
Bro 1: Yo dawg I heard you found a Dick Slosher on the corner of Packer Ave and Broad St.

Bro 2: Yeah dude. It kinda sucks though because she never swallows my secretion fluid, and now I don't know what to do with all these bologna sandwiches.
by kellisgay17 January 24, 2011
A small, furry creature that resides in the clitoris of fat, cock hungry women. The Cock Gremlin only comes out when it senses male and/or female penis, in which case it peaks its head out of the vagina and approaches the cock in hopes of snatching it and feeding it to its children. A good technique to perform around a Cock Gremlin housing woman is the Boner Wheel.
Tim: Yo man you should watch out for Donya. I heard she houses a Cock Gremlin.

Issac: Nah it's alright dude, if I ever see her I'll just Boner Wheel.
by kellisgay17 May 27, 2011

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