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a male of any age, distinctly characterized by his Italian or wannabe Italian descent. He will be the one with the hair spiked up to the ceiling with pointy sideburns. A guido will always have a tan, even in the winter. Guidos can be seen getting their eyebrows waxed and purchasing oversized valor suits and wife beaters at macys. They will commonyl use terms such as "bro (or brah), yo, nah, and other words that you be able to understand anyway because guidos are known to mumble. They drive their parents' BMWs witht he windows down, while balsting any kind of dance, techno, trance, or anything else on KTU.

Oh my God, i saw ther king of the guidos today. I swear his hair touvhed the ceiling.
by kelley olson March 21, 2006
1. When u jizz in a girls cornhole
or when gay guys have fun
2. a person that desreves to be named after that
tyler safford is a buttnutt
by kelley olson December 09, 2003

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