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a ramp tramp is a girl who hangs out at the skate parks. she's usually by a rail or ramp checking out the boys in tight pants hoping the boy will come talk to her. she usually wears extremley low cut shirts from abercrombie or hollister. OR! she is a wanna be skater so she is wearing tight skinny jeans and a volcom shirt. either way you still wanna look out for these girls they're nothing but trouble and only wanna be with you because your hot.
"dude what a ramp tramp!"
"that ramp tramp wants to get with danny so bad just look at how she stairs at his....package"
by kelci_89 August 16, 2008
usually a hot dirtbike rider, who hangs with skanky girls. wears FMF shirts, saggie dikies, longs socks and skate shoes.
"what a bro rider"
by kelci_89 August 16, 2008
the ugly skank usually found hanging with or by the motocross "bros". she usually has two-tone hair and looks like an orange.
tries to hang with the crew but always gets screwed in the end.
girl one-"omg shes such a bro hoe"

girl two-"yeah but i wouldn't mind being his bro hoe"

by kelci_89 August 16, 2008

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