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Formar un relajo; un desorden.

To form a ruckus or be disorderly in the name of fun.

Usually used by Colombians to describe a fun time within a group.
Los amigos formaron una recocha en la reunion despues de tanto tiempo sin versen.
by kekolandia September 02, 2008
1- Malestar que uno siente despues de haber consumido licor al exceso.

(english: hangover; Sick feeling after consuming vast amount of alcohol)

2- Sentir melancolia, normalmente sobre pasados recuerdos

(english: to be saddened, a sense of melancholy, usually over past memories)
1- Tome demasiado anoche en la fiesta que me desperte con guayabo.
(I drank too much at the party last night that I woke up with a hangover.)

2- Me dio guayabo al ver las fotos de nosotros con mi abuelito cuando eramos ninos.
(I was saddened when i saw the pictures of us with our grandfather when we were young.)

by kekolandia September 02, 2008
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