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Derived from the full form of the insult: dick nankert. Used when describing a person of the most annoying personality possible by human standard. Stupidity is also an imperative feature of the subject's character, as the insultee must be slightly dumber than a rather stupid rock.
Wow! He pooped his pants on the bus? What a nankert, yo.
Yup, you're telling me, man.

Wow, brah, who would ever consider being such a tool and not join my dodgeball team?
I dunno dude, what a (dick nankert), man.
#dick nankert #annoying #ignorant #dumb #hilariously retarded
by keith rivers November 07, 2010
n. A type of gossip mainly consisting of pointless drudgery to anyone outside of the conversation. antiquated discussion often of a sexual nature. only possible within a medium to large group of relatively horny, often unnatractivefemales.

WARNING: DO NOT attempt to infiltrate such a conversation. Interuptions of this nature are reacted to strongly and often with violence most commonly in the form of slaps.
'How long have those girls been sitting there blabbing?'
Dude i dunno, but seriously, enough vagina talk already.'

'Yo that amazing chick loves gossipping way too much.'
I see you, brah, shes like the queen of vagina talk.'
#gossip #vagina to vagina #blabbing #gabbing #nattering
by keith rivers November 01, 2010
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