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another word for a african american female. usually used in the hood.
instead of callin a female a nigga call her a niggett
by keisha April 18, 2005
Someone that sucks dick alot
That girl a jabber jaws.
by keisha January 19, 2004
Means lobster- used to describe cuban women. Because like lobsters, they carry all their meat in their tail.
"Sarah is a langosta
by Keisha March 07, 2005
Sad ass excuse for a singer. Proves that the singing industry is all about looks, because that's all the man has.
Let's be Ashanti so we can get a record deal with smerff inc
by Keisha January 28, 2004
who ever said that black people say this is definetly not of color if you know what i mean. (they are white)
hey i am an idiot for saying black people say REALLY BIG PIZZA!!!!!!1
by keisha July 20, 2004
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