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16 definitions by kei

Automobile produced by Toyota between the years of 1984 to present. Though it underwent several iterations of body styles, the focus has always been on the mid-engine, 2-door configuration (hence the name). Different models include the AW11 (1984-1989), and the SW20 (1989-1999). The latest model is refered to as the Toyota MR-S.
"It's a small car ... is it a 180 or an MR2?"
by Kei January 25, 2004
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God. The mighty ruler that will kill you all.
Lane is better than you are.
by Kei April 01, 2005
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naughty books, but you READ them, not look at them
She stayed up late reading some very good smut.
by Kei February 12, 2004
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(n.)(cont.)The slang dialect of fanboy, fangirl, otaku communities consisting of any combination of garaigo, basic Japanese terms, English leetspeak, and azn caps. Known as pidgin form of first-year Japanese, acquired through Japanese anime, jpop, and video games.
See garaigo, otaku.
by Kei August 04, 2004
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Automobile released in the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) by Nissan, produced between 1989 and 1999 due to populatity. Based on the Silvia S13 chassis, this car was re-released with a fastback and retractable headlights, as well as a restyled body. Initially, the car released with a 1.8L turbocharged CA18DET engine, but was later replaced with the well-known SR20DET 2.0L turbocharged engine. Major features of the car include it's rear-wheel drivetrain, excellent curb weight and near perfect weight distribution. This car was released as the 240SX in the USDM after recieving a larger (normally aspirated) engine. Popular modifications include the Sil80 mod (Silvia S13 frontend, 180SX backend) and the OneVia (vice versa.)
Several 180SX's were exported to Australia due to it's proximity to Japan and right-hand drive style.
by Kei January 25, 2004
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Second generation of Toyota's popular MR2 series, with production years between 1989-1999 in Japan. This car features a Mid-Engine, Rear-Wheel drivetrain, providing excellent weight balance and handling. In the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market), the SW20 MR2 shipped with either the naturally aspirated 2.0L 3S-GE engine, or a turbocharged 2.0L 3S-GTE. In the states, the car shipped with a 2.2L 5S-FE NA engine, or the 3S-GTE.
The SW20 held up pretty well against the 180SX in the drift competition.
by Kei January 25, 2004
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First generation of Toyota's popular MR2 automobiles, produced from 1984-1989 in Japan. Sporting a Mid-Engine, Rear-Wheel (MR) drivetrain, this car is rumored to be an abandoned Lotus project picked up by Toyota. This car came standard with either a naturally aspirated 1.6L 4A-GE engine, or a supercharged 4A-GZE (same displacement). Precursor to the SW20 MR2.
Man, that AW11 is really ugly, but it handles really well ...
by Kei January 25, 2004
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