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A site where you can read game walkthroughs, polls, and the message board, where you can chat about games and other things. Seems like a gamer's dream come true, right, WRONG!

I signed up for it, thinking it would be good, but it is horrible! This site is run by CJayC and his lackeys, the Gamefaqs moderaters. The mod's goal is to spoil the fun. There are many strict rules, you can't even say bitch. And if you say something "offensive", you are screwed! You can't even speak your mind! If you diss the mods, you are screwed!

So, if you break the rules, what happens? Well, you have a karma system. It's kinda like experience points. Post a day, you get one karma point. When you get enough karma, you can post more. Yes, you are limited to posting until 75 karma. If you break a rule, it will be deleted, and you might lose 3 karma. It's called a moderated message. Post something really bad,like dissing the mods, and you lose 10 karma and get "warned."

Keep posting bad things, you get banned. You can talk to a mod if you think the moderation is unfair, but they will usually be a smartass and won't listen to you. I was banned because I said to close a topic.

The rules are nearly impossible to follow, so don't botter with GameFUCKS.
The mods are nothing but nerds!
It starts out like this...

That was you typing "Gamefaqs" in your Internet address bar.

Saturday night, don't you have ANYTHING BETTER TO DO?!?!?!?

Course you don't, cuz you're a gamefaqs n00b...

You don't have a girlfriend or any friends.

the next part is hard to understand

Well, what the fuck?

You're laughing your ass off, but then you refresh the page...

What's THAT!? Is that a yellow strip?


Ya better check it! Ya gotta check it! Or you'll lose your precious karma, your precious karma, your precious karma, you'll lose your precious kaaaaaaaaaarrrrrmmmmmmma!

Better check it
by kefka36 June 19, 2005

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