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Quite possibly the worst made movies on the face of this earth. Makes people who have remote knowledge of automobiles cry. Now, everyone thinks that the more stickers you apply to your car, the faster it goes, and that all asians with riced out cars own a kawasaki ninja, have about 20 bitches, and perform drive-bys with TMP's. Not to mention, has caused an incredible surge in little children to buy a Toyota Supra and be a 'street racer'. See Torque Converter.
Due to common belief, the more stickers you have behind your rear wheels on your front wheel drive honda civic doesn't induce more traction. The fast and the furious can blow me.
by keenan the sperry July 27, 2007
The device used in a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. Used to change gears, taking the place of a clutch, in a manual transmission. Has many downfalls, but commonly used in the United States because, sadly, no one can drive stick anymore. For example, the hydraulic fluid can be starved on hills, leading to transmission failure. While pulling large loads, the converter may overheat, which is why it is not used for large trucks. Robs the engine of power, as power is lost in the conversion process. Fuel efficiency is also lost, same reason as above. Excessive repair costs, as the fluid in the converter is required to be replaced every so often.
Torque converters make baby seals cry.
by keenan the sperry July 27, 2007

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