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the coolest girl in the whole world
Kee,you're the coolest! XD
by Kee December 30, 2004
beyond disgusting or extremely grotesque.
Two old ladies chatting in the gym locker room butt naked, that's grotesticular.
by Kee January 31, 2005
a penis that can be removed and then re-attached.
One day Ben lost his penis while he was high, he didn't know where it went to. It usually hangs to the left, but that day it decided to hang to the right. Well, Ben wasn't smart enough to figure that out. He went upstairs and finally found his penis, and he was happy again. Ben thought he lost it, because he thought he had a detachable penis.
by kee April 07, 2003
kits wanna be boyfriend cool guy. but he copys alot of people all the time. fights with snap too.
Kit: Omg shadow you ran over the rabbit with a mini bike!!!, Shadow: and?. Kee: Thats a crime you goin to jail!. Snap: dont drop the soap shadow. Shadow: WTF! Kit and Kee: LOL!!! Shadow: SHUT THE HELL UP SNAP!
by Kee December 30, 2004
The funnyest guy alive.
aww shut the fuck up snap and complaining!!
by Kee December 30, 2004
The coolest girl alive not to mention a damn good friend.
omg kit did you hear that! that dude said hes gay! XD
by Kee December 30, 2004
A movie from the lamest game ive ever played
I hate Final Fantasy 7 and I hate the movie!
by Kee December 29, 2004
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