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68 definitions by ke6isf

The weird dialect of English that is spoken on the Citizens' Band radio service, 10-4.
I just asked him directions and he started yammering at me in channel jive. I couldn't make heads or tails of it.
by ke6isf November 15, 2003
A description of a document (for instance, a programming schedule for a convention) that, while written or printed, is still at the given moment highly flexible and can be reshaped with little to no effort.

Derived by analogue to set in stone, and with lack of a better substance to set soemthing in that would require flexibility.
The payment terms for this contract are still set in jello.
by ke6isf April 06, 2005
1) (noun) An object that, while not necessarily originally intended as a weapon (and otherwise bears no resemblance), is used as one. A steak knife, for instance, would not be a shank (and is, as well, a poor ad hoc choice for a weapon), but a screwdriver, heavy duty flashlight, or socket wrench would be.

Origin unknown, but I think it has something to do with home made knives. See also shiv.

2) (verb) To use a shank. (Shanked, past tense)
Jorge was shanked with a screwdriver by Miguel when he failed to pass on his protection money.
by ke6isf May 20, 2005
If you're not sick of it already, see tail recursion.
Putting things that refer to themselves at the end of a document is the leading cause of tail recursion.
by ke6isf October 20, 2004
To relay a communication over CB radio.

Derived from the ten code 10-5 (relay traffic).
Hey, White Lightning, I'm not hearin' that mud duck there on the flats, you wanna pass the five for me?
by ke6isf November 29, 2004
A device one uses to record important data such as addresses and phone numbers. Typically a PDA, but can be as simple as a notepad and pen.
Hold on a second, let me put that in my external brain.
by ke6isf March 23, 2004
Entirely bereft of gorm.
The gormless marketroid didn't realize that he was being had.
by ke6isf June 27, 2005