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A verbal quip that typically precedes a statement the speaker might remember. Typically used humorously, often in a denigrating fashion.
Note to self, flog Bill with a loaf of bread for that pun.
by ke6isf July 09, 2004
Generic term of disgust or ennui, preceded by the object of said disgust or ennui.

Otomotopaeic - derived from the sound of grumbling that used to come from Muttley, Dick Dastardly's old canine partner in crime.

A side note, I personally started using it as a good substitute for "cotton pickin'", in an attempt to <i>not</i> offend the black guys I used to work with.

Invariably pronounced without the trailing 'ing', rather with 'in' instead.
Would somebody turn the sackafrackin' thermostat up? It's freezing in here!
by ke6isf September 17, 2004
An award given to somebody who files a mind-numbingly frivolous lawsuit.

Named after Stella Liebeck, the woman infamous for suing McDonalds after spilling blazing hot coffee into her lap.
Bob was issued a Stella Award after suing Foocorp for damages after he tried to wire their gonkulator to his household plumbing and nearly killed himself in the explosion
by ke6isf September 15, 2004
Similar to eleventy-seven, an imaginary number to be used when you need to state a quantity. Unlike eleventy-seven, however, implies a higher quantity.
That drunk must have said "Isn't this great?" about twentyleven times!
by ke6isf August 12, 2004
A somewhat sarcastic nickname given to somebody who just gave a random scientific fact that might have something to do with the current conversation.

Originated from the original Doctor Science, a character belonging to comedian Dan Coffey, who "knows more than you do", has "a masters degree! In Science!", and would answer questions about random yet silly science with bogus yet silly answers (and even had a television show for a season or two in the states).
Q: Dear Doctor Science, if the speed of light is 186,000 miles per hour, what's the speed of dark?

A: Well, since dark is broken light, it doesn't really have a speed; it just kind of sits around until somebody turns on the light.
by ke6isf August 09, 2004
Somebody who either isn't, or somebody who can only be trusted to help you with that one menial task that would save you about 20 minutes of walking around. Invariably spoken with a slight hesitation before the term.
Johnson was a, uh, big help today as he told me when the light stopped blinking on the router.
by ke6isf July 23, 2004
The weird dialect of English that is spoken on the Citizens' Band radio service, 10-4.
I just asked him directions and he started yammering at me in channel jive. I couldn't make heads or tails of it.
by ke6isf November 15, 2003
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