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To create a verb by improperly suffixing a noun with '-ize' (or '-ise' for European spelling). The method by which words such as 'monetize', 'securitize', and even 'legalize' are created. A practice generally frowned upon by linguists and geeks.

Created as sort of a self-parody of this formation.
The CEO of the megacorp had the geeks enthralled until he started izetizing his nouns to get his power verbs.
by ke6isf December 10, 2004

1) "This procedure we just took you through will now result in you waiting around for a bit, so rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs watching the computer think, why not take a break away from your workstation instead?"

2) "This procedure or anecdote we are about to take you through will take a bit of time. Now is a good time to take care of whatever you feel is necessary before we proceed, because interrupting for one reason or another, emergencies barred, would be a not so good thing."

Comes mostly from technical documents, specifically where compiling is involved, as sometimes the process of compiling code takes a while.
"I'm going to be working on your computer for a while, James," Jerry said to the auditor as he frobbed some drivers. "Best go get yourself a cup of coffee
by ke6isf September 20, 2004
A money lender who loans money to desperate borrowers at ridiculous terms, and uses criminal means to intimidate the money back from the borrower if they can't get the interest back.
The loan shark broke Peter's knees when he couldn't cough up $100.
by ke6isf July 19, 2004
Generic spoken term to describe a restaurant that might sell only Pepsi Cola products.

See coke house for an explanation.
Is this a pepsi house or a coke house?
by ke6isf October 03, 2004
The act of touching one's nose to another's, as to show affection. Frequently observed in house cats (they may do so to their humans), occasionally found in furries similarly.
The first thing Joan's cat does when she wakes up is gives her a nosebump.
by ke6isf September 30, 2004
A politically correct sounding euphemistic term to describe the failure of a company owing to poor management.
foobar.com fell apart the other day - it was managed to death.
by ke6isf July 23, 2004
A notional Microsoft product that is installed on wetware and produces that weird, hypnotic, glassy expression some sheeple get when they praise Microsoft products in the face of adversity.
I was ranting about how fgets made my code segfault on my Linux box when the secretary's Microsoft Glaze kicked in and she started praising Visual C++.
by ke6isf November 07, 2003
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