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Juvenile term for a method of consuming a drink from a community container (other than squeeze bottles) without said container actually making contact. The container's opening is placed just above the mouth, and the beverage is poured in. Requires a little bit of practice to avoid making you look like you have a hole in the lip.
That's the only bottle of water, so you better birdy drink from that.
by ke6isf October 15, 2004
1) Where certain parts of a film wind up during editing for one reason or another - could be bloopers, or could be stuff that didn't add to the film in the director's opinion.

2) The usual description used on a DVD for the section where such bits wind up - assuming, of course, they put it on the disk.
The twenty minute soliquoly about cashews wound up on the cutting room floor.
by ke6isf July 23, 2004
A cheesecake topped with cherry pie filling. Quite good.
The best cherry cheesecake can be found in New York City. Why do you think they call it New York cheesecake?
by ke6isf November 22, 2003
Precursor to something that might be construed as dangerous or requiring arcane knowledge.

Comes from television commercials featuring people doing insane stunts.
"And now, Doctor Science is going to drink the liquid nitrogen! Don't try this at home, kids, remember, he knows more than you do!"
by ke6isf August 09, 2004
Alternate spelling of fark which itself is an alternate spelling of fuck as to be used in polite company as an expletive.

Possibly derives from fark.com.
Oh farck, I need a cup of coffee.
by ke6isf April 11, 2005
Semi-erroneous name for a command prompt in Windows.

Near as I can tell, it derives from DOS, where one would generally boot from their primary hard disk (invariably called the C Drive and be presented with a prompt that looked like "C:\>", indicating the drive they were on and their location in the directory tree.

Considered fairly obsolete, even amongst old DOS hats.
OK, now type 'dir' on the C prompt....
by ke6isf March 13, 2005
A sort of weird cross between dynamic IP and static IP, a sticky IP is one that is assigned dynamically (through DHCP, but it has a habit of hanging onto your broadband modem as long as you don't have to reset it. Mostly found amongst cable modem internet providers such as Roadrunner.
You can't get a proper domain on a sticky IP.
by ke6isf November 30, 2003
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