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68 definitions by ke6isf

Highly prejudiced description of placing ones' lips entirely around the open mouth of a bottle or canteen, thus opening the possibility of backwash.

Comes from an old stereotype that black people have lips that form a perfect circle and are thusly perfectly adapted.
Dude, quit nigger-lipping the pepsi!
by ke6isf October 15, 2004
An imaginary number to be used when you have lost count of something and you need to verbally state a quantity.

Origin unknown.
Yes, I know you have rung the doorbell eleventy-seven times!
by ke6isf August 12, 2004
Figuratively, what one would have to sell or otherwise place as collateral in order to afford something of great expense.

Comes from the fact that, when buying things of great expense, it actually feels as if you are having to offer said appendages as collateral for said item you are purchasing.
Man, I just had to spend an arm and a leg to get my car repaired.
by ke6isf January 31, 2005
Extended form of scarf, and used especially when time is of the essence.
Dude, we gotta catch that plane in two minutes and you've only half finished your burger. Better scarf it down on the way to the gate.
by ke6isf September 24, 2005
Like previously mentioned, "the last place on earth" simply due to the spelling. Currently designated by CalTrans as exit 239 on interstate 15.
What the hell you exiting here at Zzyzx for? There's nothing out here but miles and miles of miles and miles!
by ke6isf August 18, 2004
1) Notional sound a feline makes when they fall over sideways - usually intentionally, for whatever reason cats do things like that.

2) The act of intentionally falling over sideways, usually as done by a cat.

Note, both definitions apply to all manner of cats, from tigers to sand cats.
The theater audience thought it was cute when they saw the lion cub flomp.
by ke6isf April 17, 2005
See cheese with your whine, but has some stronger implications - namely that the recipient of the comment actually did have it coming, and there is no room to complain, with the implication that the recipient should quit bawling about it for that very reason.
Oh, the IRS is collecting from you after you decided to protest your taxes? Well, then, you want some tissue for your issue?
by ke6isf October 22, 2004