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A question asked of people who for some reason (usually extreme laziness or lack of intelligence) who can't seem th do simple things.

Comes from the Stanley Kubrick movie Full Metal Jacket - the full question is "What is your major malfunction, numbnuts?"
The garbage has piled up for three days, and the litterbox should have been changed last week! What is your major malfunction?
by ke6isf November 07, 2003
As in, "You want some cheese with your whine?" Said to people who whine excessively about some otherwise trivial bit of drama. Has a sort of you-had-it-coming flavor to it, and a strong implication from the speaker to the subject that now would be a really good time to shut up, because the whining is rally annoying the speaker.

Comes from that cheese is popular with wine, a beverage made of fermented fruit, and that whine is a homonym of wine.
"Oh, poor me, my steak arrived with not enough salt!" "Well, then, you want some cheese with your whine?"
by ke6isf October 22, 2004
Modification of the term god damn. Comes from the midwest, as near as I can tell - my grandfather (an Illinois native) used to say it a lot.

Note the term is always used as an adjective, and NEVER as a verb. So you can have (day) a dad gum toll booth attendant, but you don't dad gum the toll booth attendant. The only exception to this rule is that "Dad gummit" is a suitable substitute for "goddammit"
Dad gummit! Where is the dad gum screwdriver?
by ke6isf April 11, 2005
An imaginary number to be used when you have lost count of something and you need to verbally state a quantity.

Origin unknown.
Yes, I know you have rung the doorbell eleventy-seven times!
by ke6isf August 12, 2004
Figuratively, what one would have to sell or otherwise place as collateral in order to afford something of great expense.

Comes from the fact that, when buying things of great expense, it actually feels as if you are having to offer said appendages as collateral for said item you are purchasing.
Man, I just had to spend an arm and a leg to get my car repaired.
by ke6isf January 31, 2005
A spelled representation of a mispronunciation of the first name Arnold, specifically in reference to actor and governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Derived as a silly mockery to Gov. Schwarzenegger's distinct Austrian accent.
Just think, Ahnuld might give you a tax break!
by ke6isf September 08, 2004
A fancy-sounding yet affectionate name for a car that is even less functional than a hoopty. A car might be called this because "it rolls down one hill, and canardly get up the next".

Exact origin unknown, but it is a pun on Rolls Royce, a particular expensive make of motor vehicle, and "Canardly", I believe a make of small passenger aircraft.
Dude, your Yugo beats the hell outta my Rolls Canardly.
by ke6isf November 06, 2004
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