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A gathering of any number of randoms that centers around the sharing of software. So called because oftentimes the software in question is pirated.

The term borrows heavily on otomatopeia - specifically the use of Arr.
Dude, I scored a cracked version of Photoshop at the R party!
by ke6isf June 11, 2005
1) A particular cut of a brief or leotard (or in clothing fashioned after said articles, such as a teddy, a bodysuit, dance belts, etc., ad nauseam) where, rather than having fabric covering the buttocks, there is a strip of fabric that lies between the buttocks. Usually done either for sexual appeal or to cut down on panty lines - or both.

2) A popular model of sandal with a rubber sole, and two fabric straps to hold the foot in, in such a fashion that it connects near the front of the sandal in a knot that rests between the big and second toes.
1) Jerome gave a booty call when he saw a random girls thong peek out from underneath her pants.
by ke6isf September 15, 2004
1: Notionally speaking, where you would wind up if you proceeded to dig a hole through the earth as to come out the other end. (This is mistaken, of course - starting from either coast of the US would put you in the middle of an ocean, as would starting about anywhere in China.) See china syndrome for a possible explanation to the origin.

2: Metaphor for where one can see if they have a clear view of a woman's genitalia - either due to the fact that she is wearing no clothing, or the clothing she is wearing is revealing what's underneath (due to transparency or just that it is ill fitting). Possibly originates by extension of sense 1.
When she lifted up her legs, we could see all the way to China.
by ke6isf April 10, 2005
Those safety instruction routines that flight attendants give their passengers on every flight, just before the plane takes off.

Named after a song by the same name.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the flight attendants to give the safety dance. Please make sure your tray tables are in their upright position....
by ke6isf January 05, 2006
A feminist gone off the deep-end. One who has gone beyond looking for equality in gender and professes a full-blown hatred of men.

Apparently originated by right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh.
The feminazis are after your soul!
by ke6isf August 24, 2004
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