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2 definitions by ke ke ke keller

An eatery serving a mixed cuisine from both Mexican and Asian coulter's.
Juan Wong's serves the best mexinese food in the world: teriyaki chicken empanadas, General tso's burritos, refried poo poo plater, refried bean rangoon, moo goo gai pan casadias, sesame chicken tacos, spicy beef taco lomaine, tofu bean burritos, chicken dumpling taquitos, Stir-fried Egg fajitas and, Mongolian Beef enchiladas.
by Ke Ke Ke Keller March 24, 2008
one who cant seem to stop texting.
P1-That kid just cant stop texting.

P2-i know, i think he has texticular cancer.
by ke ke ke keller February 26, 2009