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To wake again but in the past

a past participle of reawaken
Man A: I woke up once, fell back to sleep and reawoke an hour later.

Mum: You woke your dad once then reawoke him hine again.

Son: I woke the dog then reawoke him cos he wouldnt move.
by kdugan July 13, 2006
Has the ability to flop
Having the ability fall in a careless manner
Man A: Wow watch that fish flop!
Msn B: Yeah its really floppable

Judge 1: Thats a belly flop
Judge 2: He is a floppable man

by kdugan July 12, 2006
Past participle of reawaken

To awake someone again but in the past tense
Man A: I reawoken the dog cos he didn't wake up the first time.

Mum: You reawoken me to do you washing!!!

Son: I reawoken the dog because I wanted to play ball
by kdugan July 13, 2006
Do not know
To not know something
To not understand

Mike: I Uhhno what you on bout!

Mum: Why haven't you tidied your room?
Son: Uhhno

Teacher: What is 2+2?
Student: Uhhno
by kdugan July 12, 2006

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