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Result when you wipe a sweaty ass with super soft or linty toilet paper little bity miniature dubes roll themselves on your ass crack.
Randi wiped here butt on that Always Save and ended up with a bunch of ass dubes.
by kdot March 07, 2008
to fuck off, usually making a two hour job last eight hours. The Kansas Dept. of Transportation is the worst. Usually performed by a complete dumbass that does what "the man says."
"Jesus we should have been done with this ditch work three hours ago. If Vance vaselates this any longer we will get whistle bit."
by kdot March 26, 2008
Farm talk for diarrea, specifically cattle.
That baby calf has the scours.
by kdot March 07, 2008
Slang for toilet paper.
Randi was digging behind the seat of her truck trying to find some bung fodder before she shit her pants.
by kdot March 07, 2008
Somone who care about there girlfriend and someone who is willing to do what ever it takes to make her happy love, caring ,faithfull and absolutely 100% treats his girl with the up most respect ... (Keon) he loves rebecca with all his heart
Keon is a good boyfriend to rebecca
by kDot December 06, 2014
this would be the spawn of a black and a mexican
John did't fit in because he was a mulado.
by kdot March 07, 2008
He is a great person inside and out. He loves sports and is often portrayed as a leader. Kysean's are have the gift of gab and can charm anyone at anytime. They are true lovers and can prove it to You at a moments notice. They can prove they are a good at most things they do. They are overachievers ad don't settle for second place. Three words that describe Kysean's are: Loyal, Trustworthy, and Honest.
Girl: Hey. What's your name?

Guy: Kysean. How was your day beautiful?

Girl: Awwe your so cute. It was great thanks for asking.
by KDot April 09, 2014
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