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Schaumburg is quite possibly the best place to live in North West suburbia. Those who visit Schaumburg will find new development every where, including a beautiful and thriving Town Square, affordable to very upscale housing, and Woodfield Mall (need I say more?) Education opportunities in Schaumburg inlcude Blue Ribbon winning elementary schools, progressive junior middle schools, and high schools that achieve above state and national standards educationaly and compete with the best athletically. If it's arts and entertainment your looking for, Schaumburg is home to many community ensembles and theatre programs and hosts big name artists year round. The people of Schaumburg are modest, well rounded people who choose not to boast, but to let the strengths of the population and city speak for its self.
I'm going to Schaumburg this weekend on a business trip and I'm staying at a 4 star hotel, going out to eat at one of the many fine restaraunts, and finishing all of my holiday shopping. And I'm never going back to Libertyville.
by kbrajabroniehonie2 December 08, 2005

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