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4 definitions by kb1hnz

(from the Fitzgerald novel)
1. Someone who is overwhelmed with the demanded acceptance of human irregularities. At the same time, an egotist.
2. The shnat chick is his greatest weakness.
1. He's just an Amory Blaine

2. "What's the matter Amory? Amory's thinking about poetry, about the pretty birds and flowers. I can see it in his eye."
"No I'm not," he lied. "I'm thinking about the Princetonian.." (TSofP, pp.75)
by kb1hnz March 03, 2005
1. Used to describe a 'real hotty' that is often a mystery. She brings this about, herself. A girl who, with the bat of an eye can flick a guy across the carom board of life.. and if he's lucky, he'll hit the pocket. If not, then he's left for the next shooter to take aim.. A Holly Golightly of the mind: (see Kelly Bulman). 2. Love isn't blind.. that's only for fools who trip over it. When a girl is shnat, guys trip.
It don't mean shnat if she ain't in your arms.

^ misuse, but true

She really is shnat, wouldn't 'ya say?
by kb1hnz March 02, 2005
1. v. Advancing in an unusually quick, but careless manner. Typically the result of intoxication by inert gas, or whatever other excuse the fool can come up with. (Usually used to describe a female's action). Not to be confused with shnat. 2. n. An undulating, vocal demonstration of an AM'ers audio capabilities.
1. Marrissa schned her way this far.. get the chick some air!
2. Ed's schned takes up 20kc's on 75! Tell the fool to back off on the audio!
by kb1hnz March 02, 2005
1. n. A state of mind that usually effects females who want nothing more than physical attention..
2. n. A shnat chick who is never satisfied with her current relationship, because "there's always something better."
1. She's been Holly Golightly for too long.

2. Don't look me up, Holly, when your Rusty Trawler decides to leave port.

Nothing bad could happen, she says, amid "that lovely smell of silver and allegator wallets.."
by kb1hnz March 03, 2005