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When a professional WoW player has developed a beard while not moving away from the computer. Some WoW players develop this beard over long periods of time, allowing them to store Keyboards, Mice, Monitors and even extreme cases of replacement computers within these beards, in case of breakdowns. The same term may also apply to CoD beard or Runescape beard.
Oh no, I just broke my mouse. 'pulls one from WoWbeard'. All good, ready to play
by kazzaw April 13, 2011
The act of playing a video game so hard, that you do not pay attention to anyone/anything around you, and you leave a perfect indent of the chair. Riskin is gaming so hardcore that you play for 72 hours or longer in one riskin session.
Wheres Fred?

He's been riskin for the last week

by kazzaw April 13, 2011

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