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An unfortunate looking individual.

A person who was at the back of the queue when looks were given out.

Someone who has been beaten severely with the ugly stick.

Taken from the 1990 Clive Barker film of the same name.
We went out looking for totty, but the place was full of Nightbreeds so we went home.
by kazthepainter August 04, 2009
A condtion , whereby a person has consumed a large quantity of Pimms, or has had one jug too many.
She had a great time at the races, however by the time we left she was rather pimmed up.
by kazthepainter June 12, 2009
The act of spouting out expletives after the consumption of a few too many beers.

To pepper one's sentences with a few too many effing adjectives.
Person suffering with Beer Tourettes:

"Why the f**k can't I have another f**king beer? It's f**king only just f**king closing time and my f**king taxi isn't f**king here yet."
by kazthepainter June 07, 2009

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