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a ligament in the knee that is commonly torn requiring surgery and several months of rehabilitation. an acl tear is an injury that is common in basketball and football players (particularly female basketball players) and usually occurs during pivoting, driving, or jumping
Nenê of the Denver Nuggets tore his acl earlier this season.
by Kayto March 06, 2006
Evolving from the small Original Ladsies, the Ladsies 2.0 was created in Dublin in August 2011 so the newly formed group of friends could stay in touch during the college years. The group, stronger than ever, now consists of over 20 people and now also includes spin off groups such as "The Lads" and "Motsies 1.0". Long live the Ladsies
Some shite person who isn't a Ladsie: "What are you doing tonight?

A Ladsies: "Having the best time with the Ladsies obviously xxxxx"
by kayto August 31, 2012

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