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This is a place where a gay male will go to look for new meat.
I can't wait until I go to the butt-cheek buffet today after work. I need some fresh meat.
by kaymizzle December 10, 2010
This is when a man takes an Otis Sunkmeyer cookie, chews it, spits it out into the woman's vagina, jizzes on the cookie, and then proceeds to eat it.
Dude, my girlfriend wanted to do the Otis Spunkmeyer with me, so we did and it was nasty!
by kaymizzle December 10, 2010
The mix between a "red pancake" and a "blue waffle"
Dude...I had sex with my girlfriend last night and she totally had a breakfast buffet.
by kaymizzle December 10, 2010
When a man jizzes in a girls eyes (ojos), allowing another girl to lick the jizz off of her, while he gladly proceeds to fuck her in the ass.
I had a three-sum last night and we did The Blind Ojos! It was fucking awesome!
by kaymizzle December 10, 2010

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