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the urge to smash the groundhogs head like a 'whack-a-mole' game after you realize the bastard saw his shadow, and another 6 weeks of winter is ahead.
'I can't believe that effer saw his shadow! I'm about ready to go whack-a-hog on his ass'

'It's freezing out, thanks to that furry rodent. Who's up for a game of whack-a-hog?'
by kayliekins! February 04, 2009
the name given to a person who uses the infamous '<3' that resembles a pair of nutsacs.
'night night <3 <3'
'see ya later saccleton <3'
'huh? oh..right, i used the sacs again!'
by kayliekins! January 23, 2009
a term used to define a person's nastiness.
usually a person fit to work at mcdonalds, with scraggly oily hair and hairy moles on their face, hence the 'mc' of the skanky.
'look atchoo lookin all mcskanky today. how YOU doin?!'
'dayumm! that chick had some nasty armpits. she mcskanky!'
'can i take your order?' 'no, you're mcskanky'
by kayliekins! January 16, 2009

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