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love, is practically chemistry, something that keeps you and your "partner" together...you lose yourself in eachothers eyes and get lost in your conversations, smile when he/she just happens to glance at you.At times you get mad at eachother,that would be un-humanly possible if you didn't...but some how in the end you two come back together,LOVE;can not be explained,it's something that you can not keep track of on a note or saved on your facebook messages.Love keeps you hungering for that next memorie after another.Love happens in real life not over the computer, it happens in person, through eye contact."You" only know when your in love not your friends unless you tell them...-Love- is getting in a poke war, just so you can have an excuss to talk or touch eachother even for the slghtest of second...-Love- is...EVERYTHING although you may not see it,HONESTLY love leaves you scared for your life,love makes you depressed and sometimes "love" leaves you crying on the floor in the corner while all of your friends are having a wonderful time...love makes you happy and sad and excited...love is...just simply AMAZING :)
Guy;walks by to share "notes" and slips a hug...
*Teacher sees *writes a PDA slip and gives it to him
Guy;*goes in to serve the time(after-school)...*-guy sees the girl in the room and sits by her
by kaylee loves-ninjas-stricklin April 11, 2011

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