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A nice, round, juicy ass, which all those black fools anad wiggers like the best.

Can be great to grab and caress while smashing puss or towb!
yo dawg, michelina and laura got a damn fine rhombass nigger, word?
move over, you fat rhombass!
pull up your pants you stupid whore, your fat rhombass is hanging out!
kayla and mic's rhombass look like a fucking lobster!
marissa still doesn't know what a fucking rhombass is even after reading this definition, YOU STUPID RHOMBASS!
by kayla is flippin SWEET! February 13, 2005
1. Illuding to the famous homer simpson, the classical television nuclear donut eating yellow chemist who often utters the sound dolp!
2. Can be used anytime while playing volleyball with michelina, kayla, and jenna to be sneaky, connivng, or stealthy and for a quick laugh!
1. homer: no more donuts, DOLP!

2. michelina(fucks on the first date): i missed the ball, damn it!
kayla: DOLP, you stupid whore!
by kayla is flippin SWEET! February 12, 2005

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