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infactuation means when u think that u like/love someone but u really don't.
i can't believe that shawn had only an infactuation for me!!!
by kayla April 02, 2005
greatest person in the whole entire widest world:D i love him with all my heart, he rocks my socks that fall off right babe:p, llewelyn is the coolest, smartest, sexiest, man i know and i love him to death *mwah*
a hot, sexi, man, that i want to bang:P
by Kayla March 21, 2005
when someone says something that is disgusting. a pukeing sound
kayla--> boys kissing is beautiful
by kayla March 18, 2005
Ocean City is a little town in Jersey. "It's america's favorite family resort"Kind of like a steptford-town. its only fun in the summer during the winter its a dead -ass-town
Ocean City sucks*lights up pipe* *gets arrested* The town covers it up and everybody forgets about it a week later
by Kayla February 01, 2005
to be from Texas
Kip is dumb because he is from Texas.
by Kayla February 07, 2004
A male who is in some way identified with hip hop culture (breakdancing, rapping/mcing, graffiti)
Sean is such a b-boy. All he does is spit rhymes.
by kayla December 05, 2003
One who represents his proud heritage of being from Texas.
Kip and I make prairie dog love because that is the way they do it in Texas.
by Kayla February 13, 2004
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