79 definitions by kayla

when the girls vagina is nasty and fishy.
Man I got this juss over the weekend.
by Kayla March 28, 2005
Son of April (Ape) Margera, and Phil Margera. Nephew to the all time sexy Don Vito. Viva La Bam is the best show on this planet. Living in P.A makes me proud knowing the coolest shit doesn't always happen in California. He is also the sexiest man alive. Come visit me in Butler, P.A!
The only example I can give that even COMPARES to Bam is Tony Hawk.
by Kayla June 16, 2004
The act of having another mans nuts in your mouth, much like a squirrel
Stop squirreling bob, michael. i know youre gay, but you dont have to do it in public.
by kayla January 05, 2004
Its a girl thing!! hahahah Kayla rachael nice way to come back!!!!
"poshna" its a girlthing
by kayla February 27, 2004
infactuation means when u think that u like/love someone but u really don't.
i can't believe that shawn had only an infactuation for me!!!
by kayla April 02, 2005
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