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snowcow- n. unpleasent and huskey females that dwell in cold areas.
a: look at that girl, shes so ugly!
b: i know dude, what a snowcow!!!
by kayeguen September 30, 2009
1. the secret and evasive world where girls reign over everything. boys do not understand it at all, but thats ok...its a girl thing they dont need to :)

2. an excuse to confuse men
3. where nothing has to make sense to a guy, because it makes sense to girls all over the world

4. sometimes known as barbie world
5. green girl world: eco friendly shopping bags
6. every girl's response to a man saying, what does that mean?
man: what does that mean?
woman: oh, you just dont understand girl world!
by kayeguen July 17, 2009

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