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One of the best sororities on campus. These women will drink you under the table. Also known as KD keg drainers, a kappa delta lady knows how to party. She keeps it classy, yet is crazy enough to know how to have a good time. A very good sorority on large campuses, such as Indiana University, University of Toledo, Miami of Ohio, Florida State, Ohio State and other campuses where greek life is huge. These ladies always strive for "that which is most honorable, beautiful and highest" and live by A.O.T. (Always On Top... ;-) duh). You haven't seen fun until you've partied with a KD.

Famous Kappa Deltas include:

Patricia Polito Miller: Co-owner/president of Vera Bradley
Jean Carpenter Carahan- United States Senator
Ellen Albertinii Dow: Actress... best known for "rappin' granny" in the Wedding Singer
Debra Sue Maffett: Miss America
Ali Landry: Miss USA
Nancy Thies Marshall: Olympic Gymnast
Dr. Bonnie J. Dunbar: Astronaut
Guy 1: Who's that girl over there?
Guy 2: She's a kappa delta
Guy 1: Daaaamn
by kaydeelady May 26, 2008

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