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2 definitions by kayaker

a sexual act where the male puts his testicles inside the females vagina and proceeds to "row" his penis in a back and forth motion.
bob asked his girlfriend if he could take her on a French Kayak, little did she know it had nothing to do with water.
by kayaker February 04, 2010
Evie s-dubs is a rather strange person that loves to travel that ironically has a non existent sence of direction and she is still to discover the definition of a continent!
Much to others amusement she cannot work out which way round binoculars are meant to be used or even how to pronounce the word bi-noculars!
Evie dresses nicely most of the time but can sometimes be described as a dyke.
An evie s-dubs's blondness shines through frequently and can cause unbelievably stupid moments... An evie s-dubs is an awful snorer but a decent kisser and can often be seen aimlessly wondering around the big grove.
Omg how stupid are you! Your such an evie s-dubs!

Wake up! Your snoring like an evie s-dubs
by Kayaker January 14, 2014