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me! im popular and all of the girls are pretty and most of the bois r fit so it deos help if your good looking yeh every1 see's us as bitchy sluts chavs and wateva its jus cus ur JEALOUSE! u wana b us but it ent ever guna happen fukin losers and NO we do have bare close m8s u dicks and not all popular peeps r RICH im rich but most of my m8s arnt dere jus normal And at my skl this a reli bitchy thing happend so dere was afight between 2 popular of my m8s
they both h8ed each other and da 1 dat did the wrong thing first every other popular person h8ed her so she moved haha the POWER OF THE POPULARS and just because your differnt 2 us y shuld we like u u goths dnt lyk us because we r different. but the thing is dere ent reli any grungers goths... that r popular are there? NO and just because we wear fashionble clothes and like to show of are bodies it dusnt mean we r sluts! so go fuck your mums l8azxxxxxx reppin RG4
me! am popular haha hahaha and pretty
by kay-lee November 21, 2005

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