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karly is the coolest and the best friend that i could ever ask for in my entire life!! She ia so awesome and is absolutely hilarious. We are soulmates in a sisterly love kinda way, Karly you rock and you are so cool!! Do your own thing and do your own freaking boyfriend!!
Karly is the ultimate spaz.
by kay tay April 24, 2005
gerard way is god. One look at him and you just think wow i want to fuck him. He gives great hugs and loves making out with other guys, which normally would seem horrid-but when he does it..it turns you onto him in a whole new level. He is the king of live shows and gives a great blow job. His lyrics really make you stop..think..and then just makes you wanna turn it up and scream!
If gerard way was god, then i want to kill myself now!!
by kay tay April 24, 2005

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