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1) little kids..or younger kids then yourself.. or cute kids!

2) a kid who looks like a DUCKLING!

3) a DUCKLING thatlooks like a kid!

(kayla likes ducklings..hehe)

1) hey kidling..

2) EW..AW..kidlings!

3) quack kidlings..
by kay 2 the la December 22, 2006
A back with lots of pimples aka acne! so its acne on your back!..duhhh
o0o0o0mg..cover ur back up girl..u have a terrible case of the acaback
by kay 2 the la December 22, 2006
1) wen someone has one short fat thumb and one longa and skinnia one!..

2) rating..(but thats gayy!..no. one is the realll thumb and a half here)
1) o0o0o0omg that girl has a thumb and a half!

2) i like kayla i give her a thumb and a half!!..
by kay 2 the la December 22, 2006

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