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Thats tight. Or, wtf was that for?
"Look at my spinners."
"Damn yo, those are nice."

Guy gets punched in face...
"Damn yo, whats your problem?"
by Kay January 09, 2005
A UK newspaper which tries to pretend it isn't a tabloid for some unknown reason. They call themselves "A family paper with strong female readership, it has won many awards for editorial flair, outstanding reporting, design and print quality." I prefer to call it a racist, sexist, slanderous, homophobic, unprofessional, sensationalist Hitler fanzine. They are "morally outraged" by just about everything. Calls itself the only newpaper that stands up for what it believes in (aka. talks bullshit).
The only reason I'm ever buy the Daily Mail is to start a fire.
by Kay May 16, 2004
wotever minger- MEANING- shut it you ugly fucker your wasting my time.This can be said or if you have the time shown with hand movements. Using ur thumb and index finger make a W by pressing the tips of ur thumbs and holding ur index fingers out straight then while keeping ur thumbs together twist it over to make a M and there you have it Wotever Minger.
Chris: Hey can u buy me a drink?
Me: Uh....Nah
Chris: I swear u owe money????
Me: um....wotever minger(said and use of hand movements)
by kay December 08, 2004
A show about the Orange County where a lot of rich people live.
UK people: Channel 4, 6.30pm Sundays. Straight after that turn to E4 for the next episode.
by Kay March 20, 2004
Money...can be used as describing loose change or bills.
Girl;Dad don't forget to leave my coins on the table before you leave!
by Kay December 12, 2003
From Linnie at the Plicko.com forums, 10-q is a short way of saying thank you.
10-q very much"
by Kay August 30, 2003
the most annoying phrase if your name is kay and the person using it thinks they are the first person to use it and think they are hell witty.

person: you want to go out tonight?

kay: yeah ok

person: ok

person: okay kay.

person: hahahahaaaaaaa

by Kay June 18, 2006

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