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A sudden feeling of joy brought on by dopamine being released in the brain. Its a sudden feeling of happiness caused by such things as shopping, doing well on a test, and smoking up. Any time you notice a sudden, positive mood alteration, you are experiencing a dopamine blast.
Kelsey: "I just got an A+ in orgo, dopamine blast!!!".

Nick: "What a nerd..."

Kelsey: "Whatever, someone needs to get off the haterade".
by kawar November 07, 2009
A person that adds people on Facebook, or other social websites, in order to seem popular. They might not necessarily be good friends with them, or even know them that well, but they add them anyway to give others the impression that they're popular.
Bob: Did you see how many friends Dave has on Facebook? He must be a pretty cool guy.

Billy: No, he's just a face collector. He just adds a lot of friends to make himself look popular.
by kawar November 14, 2007

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