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The act of lowering your own rent by charging new roommates more.
Person 1: "How can you afford all of these new toys...isn't your room like $800/month?"

Person 2: "Nah, I'm pulling the Manhattan Shade on my two new roommates...they're each paying $400 more than the guys who moved out. Suckas."
by kavehcito September 28, 2009
Similar to a spit take, but with smoke.

A comedic technique invoked when a person is in the process of inhaling(i.e. sipping), and witnesses something so outrageous/funny (see: rich), that smoke(i.e. liquid) is ejected from his or her mouth.
A classic spit take premise involves the sipper becoming aware that their drink contains some unexpctedly outrageous ingredient (e.g. breast milk). Similarly, in a smoke take:

Person A: This cigarette is the best!
Person B: You know that's made of dried, rolled up breast milk, right?
Person A:*violent ejection of smoke*
by kavehcito January 26, 2011
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