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A man who you can call late at night just because you're looking for someone to talk to. He would never speak ill of anyone, never harm a person unless absolutely necessary, never cheat and is always honest. Will help you move just because you're friends and doesn't ask for favors in return. Isn't sleazy and wouldn't take advantage of a person in a drunken or mourning state.

Often times, this nice guy doesn't have a girlfriend because women usually go for jerks and just make friends with the nice guy.
Pity for him, don't you think?
by kavakale July 14, 2004
1.Narrow strip of cloth used to restrain or hold back hair follicles.

2. Glam rock band from the eighties that would use an excess amount of hair products to make their hair stand up and out. Examples would be Twisted Sister,and Van Halen. Most hair styles used by hair bands reflected Tina Turner's in the video "What's Love Got To Do With it?"
1. Do you have a hair band? The wind keeps blowing my hair in my face.

2. Hair bands paved the way for not not using shampoo and loading up on deodorant... or the Grunge era. Hail Hair spray! Down with cleanliness!
by kavakale July 13, 2004
A term used when one is repulsed by -another person expressing intimate feelings or -the thought of entering a relationship with another person, but out of pity and empathy remains their friend.
We're just good friends. Please don't kiss me again or I'll dive into a pool of battery acid.
by kavakale July 13, 2004

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