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Something to be yelled (typically by a coach) at a person running VERY slowly. Often followed by: "Don't stop and play it on the way."
Hey, get the piano off your back and run!
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
(grr-sh-tun-kin-flapped) adj. Drunk, smashed, ripped, wrecked.
Last night I was so gershtonkenflapped I don't remember much.
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
Comment to be made when someone is observed swaying or dancing awkwardly and looking foolish.
Wow, look at that guy move. Someone should throw a tent over that circus.
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
Those little soapy nuggets found in men's toilets. Basically a urinal cake.
Texas breathmints are a sure-fire cure for a smelly bathroom.
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
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