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4 definitions by kauz381

Something to be yelled (typically by a coach) at a person running VERY slowly. Often followed by: "Don't stop and play it on the way."
Hey, get the piano off your back and run!
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
9 0
Comment to be made when someone is observed swaying or dancing awkwardly and looking foolish.
Wow, look at that guy move. Someone should throw a tent over that circus.
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
8 2
(grr-sh-tun-kin-flapped) adj. Drunk, smashed, ripped, wrecked.
Last night I was so gershtonkenflapped I don't remember much.
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
6 0
Those little soapy nuggets found in men's toilets. Basically a urinal cake.
Texas breathmints are a sure-fire cure for a smelly bathroom.
by kauz381 November 07, 2007
13 13