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1. A day of the week.
2. The most kick ass band ever
3. Avril sucks the cock i don't have.
The new Thursday c-d is coming out in September! I am going to buy it.
by Katy June 29, 2003
The term was coined by the late D.C. punk/hardcore band Minor Threat, who promoted, through their lyrics, a lifestyle free of drugs, alcohol and casual sex. Ian Mackaye, the band's lead, claimed not to have started a movement, however, in today's underground(or not-so-underground) societies of punk and hardcore, it has become a full-on label. One who claims "the edge" does not participate in "poisoning" their bodies. No drugs, no alcohol, no casual sex(and others will include veganism, abstaining from medications, even so far as caffeine, etc). X's are used to represent "the edge".
sXe, edge, straight-edge, xxx
by katy February 11, 2004
A truley kick ass band! not exactly emo, but hey we all should love Thursday!
Let's all go see Thursday on July 3rd! It'll be awesome.
by Katy June 27, 2003
the most pimp shizzle last name ever; if one has this last name, they are no doubt someone you should get to know
A: Is that an Alvey?
B: Well, yes, it is.
A: I wanna be friends with him/her!
B: Me too!
A: Not if I don't beat you to it!
by katy December 10, 2003
A term which originated in the 60s...not the 70s...for any long-haired "freaky" person who dared to express themselves.
A term that right-wing assholes use when describing someone who a)smokes pot, b)protests and demonstrates against unjust acts or c)is an environmentalist.
I am a hippie.
by katy March 23, 2004
A combination of the words "stall" and hijinks." Occurs when people have commit capers in public washrooms- for example, dropping a melon into the toilet bowl from three feets above, exaggerated sounds effects, etc.
The stalljinks almost got out of hand when Mikey commenced "Operation squirt bottle of Mountain Dew."
by Katy December 25, 2003
A wrestler known as the Hurricane in the WWE, who is really just God in disguise, which is why I worship him. Yum
*holds up sign in the audience* The Hurricane is GOD!
by Katy February 09, 2004
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